Our Lower Grade Stage

Our Lower Grade Stage

Our Lower Grade stage consists of Years 1 to 6. Children are eligible to join us in the academic year after they reach age 5. At the age of 11, the majority of our students will graduate into the Secondary phase. We assess students for entry at the time of admission, but we cater to a wide range of academic abilities and language needs.

Our Educational Philosophy:

At the heart of our educational philosophy is our firm belief, supported by world-class research, that there is no limit to what your child can learn and achieve.

Our high academic standards will ensure that your child has the best start on their educational journey. On entry to the school, we assess all our Lower Grade students to ensure we understand their learning needs and to establish a starting point in their learning journey. During the academic year, we establish further assessment points, to measure student progress against these high standards.

Our Lower Grade curriculum provides the perfect springboard for progression into the Senior School and future curriculum programme.

Our teachers are all trained in the understanding that your child is an individual. In the classroom, therefore, we aim to provide a personalised education that meets your child’s individual needs.  

Through our academic curriculum and within our broader curriculum, we ensure that your child develops to be curious, determined, creative, and confident in their abilities. By nurturing your child’s interests and talents, we provide opportunities for each and every student to fulfill their potential as 21st Century learners and global citizens.  

Our Primary School lays solid foundations for future study and personal growth. It includes leadership, academic and social opportunities that will allow your child to explore their potential and help them to overcome and master areas that may feel more challenging at first, transforming children into confident, inquisitive and self-motivated learners.

Curriculum Overview:

The English National Curriculum is a structured programme of study, that outlines clear learning objectives for each Primary year group. Our curriculum is enhanced and enriched to include the teaching of Arabic and Arabic Studies (to appropriate children) and a broader curriculum that extends beyond the classroom.

Strong Pastoral Support:

At the core of our teaching lies strong pastoral support. Students that feel safe, happy, and supported will excel in their education. At Education Gate- Al Murraba, the strong pastoral and academic support provided by your child’s Primary teachers are the foundation upon which good learning will take place. The safety, security, and happiness of your child is always our priority.

Our Relationship with Parents:

We take our role as educators of your child both seriously and professionally, and we recognise the enormous responsibility that our parents have given us. As such, within the Primary School, we are committed to keeping you informed and updated on all issues regarding your child.

The education of your child is a partnership between you as parents, and us as their teachers. We value the relationship we have with you, aiming to actively involve you as part of the Primary School community.

Your child’s Form Teacher is your daily contact person, who is fully committed to keeping you informed of your child’s work and progress at school and is always ready to answer any questions that you may have.

The Teaching Staff

All our academic staff within the Primary School are committed to ensuring that your child is happy, safe, confident, and achieves their best.

The Primary School staff work collaboratively and closely together. We share best practice between us, ensuring that we utilise the skills, abilities, and experiences within the staff team to the benefit of your child.   

Admissions Visits:

For parents who would like to find out more about the Primary phase at Education Gate – Al Murraba, we invite you to visit us. Parents will be offered a guided tour and an opportunity to meet with and talk to our students and staff.