Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make Education Gate-Al Murraba the leading affordable school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will be a school that has an inclusive admissions policy which gives national and expatriate students access to a unique, culturally relevant curriculum. The curriculum will have the English National Curriculum at its core enhanced by an enriching extra-curricular programme which provides opportunity for every child to succeed – the Ultra Curriculum.

Our Mission Statement:

At Education Gate-Al Murraba, we aim to help every student develop academically, socially and emotionally.

Academically – Enabling above average performance in a suite of world recognised qualifications designed to reflect each student’s strengths, competencies and ambitions.  Each student will develop a set of higher order thinking skills that will equip them to face new situations with confidence and identify solutions and approaches that lead to success. 

 Socially – Nurturing the attitudes and attributes that help each student communicate, collaborate and innovate with others.  Our students will develop a sense of social responsibility and be respectful of everyone, no matter what their way of life or origin. 

Emotionally – Developing resilience, determination and positiveness in the face of challenges and a high level of awareness and regulation of self.  Cultivating the aspiration to be the best version of themselves.